pricing-emily-350All hair services include a detailed consultation, treatment shampoo, scalp massage and conditioner.
Your hair will be salon styled at completion of services.
Please consider this a general price guide. For a personalized quote, ask your stylist or come in for a complimentary consultation.

My Services
Haircut and Style For All
This personalized Cut and Style includes a styling lesson for you (booked at a later time). So you can learn to create this fabulous look at home. Bang trims are no charge so don’t get them too short. A hairy neck is unsightly, no charge for maintenance. Keep it clean folks.
Red Carpet Blowout
Luxury shampoo and stress relieving head massage are included in our Red Carpet Blow Out *add keratin complex infusion $10. *add iron work $10 * compliments, no charge.
Party Hair
Sounds like a good time. Call for specific requirements for your hair and your party. Party on Garth
Rehab Treatment
Everyone needs rehab sooner or later. A mask suited to your hairs needs will be applied and absorbed. The scent of relaxation and rejuvenation will follow you for days following this treatment.
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Smooth away those frizzes but save the curls. Both are possible with Keratin Complex Smoothing treatment. Lasts up to 3 months with take home care.
Color Work
Color Change
Change is good….. provided your hair is up to the challenge. Freshen up your current color or Seasonally change it up. A consultation before application will reveal our options. ** does not include any foil work (highlights)
Mini Highlights
Give yourself a little “pick me up”. Upkeep is minimum, add a few foils to existing color for a fun bit of sparkle.
Bodacious Full Highlights
For that Beautiful full head of highlights nothing left to the imagination. Gorgeous from bang to nape.
Paint Those Roots
Just because it grows out that color doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Add some sparkle or get rid of some.
Brighten Up
Brighten highlights in between appointments or just refine and add SPARKLE or RICHNESS to dull hair.
Corrective Work
I will meet with you to assess your hair color/condition, address your concerns and advise you of your options. Call for further details or questions.
For Existing Clients
Clean Up Or Bang Trim
Any type of clean up to your Workshop Haircut that can be done in 5 minutes on clean dry hair. Complimentary, of course. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.
Style Lesson
Complimentary service for clients who have had services at Workshop and need a tutorial. Bring your tools and products and get step by step instruction from your stylist. Blow dry skills, Updo skills, Iron techniques, we are here to help.